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Three months to your best body!!!

$75. gets you 3 months of unlimited kickboxing classes, FREE bag gloves, nutritional advice, an "at home" dumbell toning program, motivation,inspiration,....and FUN.

What more can you ask for? We will sweat with you... but we can't sweat for you!!

"Come in for a FREE trial class and check us out!!"

Monthly Plans and "Pay As You Go" Plans Available


Classes for Men and Women

Join in on our Tuesday & Thursday Fitness Kickboxing's fun,....intense,......and guaranteed to get you RESULTS!!!! Come in and work out with our energized, motivating staff of instructors, Amanda, Katryna, Amy, Stephanie and Karissa. You'll be in the best shape of your life........"If you want results....then train like it." Call us for your FREE trial class!!! 570-778-6970

And, you can also receive a personalized FREE "AT HOME" strength training twenty minute dumbbell workout that you can do on your own time. The workout can also be custom suited to include any other equipment you may have at home. Add this to your Kickboxing cardio workout, do it on your own time, and see your results faster than ever!

  • Personalized "at home" strength training programs
  • Six high energy certified Kickboxing instructors
  • Access to SCW nationally certified personal trainers
  • Awesome music...bag workouts.....and "Ground & Pound" Boot Camps....all about FUN....all about FITNESS....all about YOU!!!!

Contact Us

Please fill out the form below to contact USA-MA, or call us at (570) 668-0565. Please list your mailing address and/or phone number in the comment area if you want us to contact you or mail a brochure on our programs.

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"Attitude is Everything"

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