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   "Attitude is Everything" 

Training with 

Respect....Discipline....& Hard Work 

"If it doesn't challenge you, doesn't change you."



USA Martial Arts & Fitness is located at 118 E. Broad Street in Tamaqua, PA. and specializes in self defense instruction for all ages, starting at age four. USA-MA also offers Fitness Kickboxing, a high energy fitness program, designed to get you in the best shape ever! Fitness Boot Camps are also scheduled throughout the year and present an intense, challenging workout.
Shihan Jon Bonner, Director of Training and eighth degree black belt, is also a nationally certified Personal Trainer through SCW Fitness, and holds certifications in Fitness Kickboxing, Group Fitness, Strength Training, Body Toning, Kid Fitness, and Aqua Fitness.
USA Martial Arts & Fitness offers a practical, effective, martial arts program geared towards street survival. It incorporates Ju Jitsu and Karate, and effectively trains students against street attacks, including defenses against a multitude of attacks from punches, grabs, chokes, and weapons. Our highly qualified staff of Black Belts will take you through a process of learning to defend oneself against individuals as well as multiple opponents, including attackers with knives, clubs, and guns.
Our program also emphasizes respect, self discipline, and increases confidence and self esteem. From our "bully-proof" program to our "street combat" approach, our goal is to train you to defend yourself in a completely safe you the skills, ability, and confidence to handle any situation........WE BUILD CHARACTER!!!
Monday:    4:00PM Children's Class (Ages 6-8)
                4:45PM Children's Class (Ages 6-8)
                5:30PM Junior Beginner & Intermediate (Ages 9-12)
                6:15PM Junior Brown Belts
                7:00PM Black Belt Class
Tuesday:   4:45PM Little Dragons Class (Ages 4-5) (off for Summer)
                5:15PM Little Dragons Class (Ages 4-5) (off for Summer)
                6:00PM Fitness Kickboxing
                7:00PM Junior Black Belts 
                7:45PM Adult Martial Arts Class (ages 13 & up)

Wednesday: Special Seminars / Boot Camps / Belt Tests
Thursday:    6:00PM Fitness Kickboxing
Friday:        Boot Camps (when scheduled)

Saturday:    9:00AM Kickboxing  

Fitness Kickboxing
Join in on our Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Fitness Kickboxing's fun, ....intense,......and guaranteed to get you RESULTS!!!!
Fitness Kickboxing is a non stop, high energy, total body workout all done to upbeat, motivating music. The class is a combination of cardio and toning designed to get you and keep you in the best shape ever!!! Classes meet at 6PM on Tuesday and Thursday, another class at 7PM on Thursday, and Saturday morning at 9AM.


                        UPCOMING EVENTS...

"A look back at the past six months as well as upcoming future events and activities" 

Also, click on the page tabs (top-left) for more information, photos, program descriptions, staff profiles, and prices on all of our classes.

......and now the NEWS!!!!


USA Martial Arts & Fitness Now Hosting Birthday Parties!!!!
All Info Below......Call 570-778-6970 For More Details!!!


Recent USA-MA Belt Tests 

Connor Knowlan and Alexa Stianche promoted to Sandan, Third Degree Black Belt and Full Instructor Certification

Lukas Andrews, Nyssa Calkins, and Randy Fetter promoted to Nidan,  Second Degree Black Belt

Jousha Youse and Ben Noecker, our two newest Black Belts, promoted to Shodan, First Degree Black Belt

Some pics from testing archives!!


Successful Toys for Tots Drive at
USA Martial Arts & Fitness

USA Martial Arts & Fitness held it's Annual "Toys for Tots" drive Saturday morning, December 8, 2018. All of the Martial Arts students donated toys over a two week period with the drive culminating on Saturday morning with a Kickboxing Class led by Instructors KARISSA BREINER and JENNA RASCAVAGE..........A BIG "THANK YOU" TO ALL THE MARTIAL ARTS STUDENTS THAT DONATED ALONG WITH THE KICKBOXERS.......AND OF COURSE TO INSTRUCTOR BJ RAMER FOR ORGANIZING THE EVENT NOW IN IT'S THIRD YEAR!!!



& Ice Cream Party
Wednesday August 17th at 6PM

USA-MA held it's annual Outdoor Seminar & Ice Cream Party Wednesday evening August 15, 2018. Every summer, USA-MA holds it's annual outdoor which includes seminar included a Drills Session, a Challenge Run, and a Weapon's Session, along with an "all you can eat", "make your own sundae" time. The weather was great and the seminar was awesome! Here are a few pics!! 

The seminar was taught by Grandmaster Jon Bonner and.......Special "THANKS" to the USA-MA Black Belt Instructors that assisted with the seminar....Chris Chinnici, Alexa Stianche, Connor Knowlan, Lukas Andrews, Dan Henninger, and Carol Stein. 

Photos are from the 2016 and 2017 and 2018 seminars!

Warm Ups

Obstacle Run

Working the Nunchaku!!!

Pics from 2016 & 2017 Seminars

Nicholas working his baton techniques with Black Belt Instructor Chris Chinnici. 

Nicholas demonstrating striking technique with the Baton...... and a group of students going through drills! 

Nico practicing with the Bo Staff and Shihan Jon Bonner demonstrating / teaching blocking technique with Baton.


Saturday Morning
Every Saturday at 9AM
with Instructors Karissa Breiner and Staff!!!

$5.00 per class
Pay as you go!!

"Come and experience a REAL Saturday morning!"



Board Breaking Seminar Held at USA-MA

Feb. 14 & Feb. 21  2018

A "Board Breaking" seminar was held at USA Martial Arts & Fitness on two consecutive Wednesday evenings. The first night included instruction, with members of the Beginner Class making their first break. During the second night, the classes were given the opportunity to make multiple breaks, all done to music, while "showing off" to the audience! Both evenings included a Beginner Class, an Intermediate Class and an Advanced Class, with each class learning new and more challenging breaks. The seminar was conducted by Shihan Jon Bonner with the assistance of USA-MA black belt instructors. 

And now for some pics from the seminar!!!

                     First Board Break.....SUCCESS!!!!

Connor with his break!

AJ with a two board break!                                   


Sam with a great breat!                  


  Harrison with a three board break! 




 Cullen ready to break his first board!

Nico getting air bound for a jump kick!


  Ed breaking in Advanced Breaking!

Kenna after completing her break! 

And the USA-MA Instructors getting in on the action!




DECEMBER 2018 Belt Test

The week of December 3rd was Test Week at USA-MA.Everyone did an AWESOME job with a great display of SKILL, CONFIDENCE, and SPIRIT!!!  Here are the successful results!!! .....Check out more pics on the Martial Arts Page!!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to All Black Belt Instructors for assisting with the test sessions!!

Children's 4:00PM Class

Children's 4:45PM Class

Junior & Adult Class Members up to brown belt!!!

 Brown Belts Promotions!!!

USA-MA Staff of Instructors


Kickboxing Instructors Karissa & BJ "showing of their abs"!



Little Dragons
Martial Art Classes for Ages 4 and 5 years old
Our Little Dragon classes meet on Tuesdays, with classes at 4:45PM and 5:15PM. 
Along with learning all of their self defense basics, the Dragon Classes also complete other units on fire safety, bully prevention, water safety, teamwork, balance, coordination, survival skills, along wth character building skills such as self discipline, attitude, focus, and respect, just to name a few. 
Call to register....668-0565


December 2018 Little Dragon 
Belt Stripe Test Night


The Little Dragons completed their requirements for their Belt Stripes on Tuesday December 18, 2018. Their test included a demonstration of their martial art skills.   All of our Little Dragons successfully completed the requirements! Congratulations!!!


"Smok'in Hot Workout"
               "full house and turn'in up the heat..."

Working the squats.......

Energized with the light show........

Kickboxing staff leading class.....

                                                                                                           Kickboxing Classes every Tuesday & Thursday at 6PM!!!!!!!  Everyone Welcome!!!
Give us 3 months and we'll give you your best body ever!!!
(See Kickboxing page for details!!!)


 Classes for Men and Women
Join in on our Tuesday & Thursday Fitness Kickboxing's fun,....intense,......and guaranteed to get you RESULTS!!!! Come in and work out with our energized, motivating staff of instructors, Karissa, Shellie, Rachelle, Jon, BJ, Sheryl, Katryna, Jenna and Chris. You'll be in the best shape of your life........"If you want results....then train like it."  Call us for your FREE trial class!!!  668-0565
"Member Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce"   
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